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How Do I Secure My ID Card System?

An ID card is an essential component of any organization’s security measures. That’s why it’s so important to keep all aspects of your ID card system secure at every stage of production, from design to issuance. When protecting your ID cards against counterfeiting and fraud, your focus shouldn’t only be on the ID card itself. You should pay just as much attention to the system that you use to create your cards.

Most high-end ID card printers have a variety of security features that are all designed to deter unauthorized printer operation and keep your organization secure. Let’s look at these features in detail:

Printer Password ProtectionEnabling your printer’s password feature is an easy way to protect it from unsanctioned use. When the feature is activated, all users must enter a secure code or password in order to operate the printer. Printers that have this feature built-in include the Fargo DTC4500, Nisca PR5360LE, and Zebra ZXP Series 8.

ID Software Password ProtectionSimilarly, you can lock down the software that you use to design and print ID cards by enabling its password protection option. This is a very important feature that you must utilize to protect sensitive cardholder information that is stored in your ID software’s database.

Kensington® LocksTo physically protect the ID card printer itself from being stolen, some models support Kensington® locks. Printers that have this feature built-in include the Datacard SP75+ and Zebra’s ZXP Series 3 models.

Locking Card HoppersIn addition to securing your ID card printer, it’s also a good idea to protect your blank ID cards from unauthorized access. After all, replacing smart cards can be costly. Check to see if your printer model is equipped with input and output hoppers that lock cards when the printer is not in use. Some printers offer this feature as an optional upgrade.

All of these built-in security features protect your ID card system from theft and unauthorized use. You can enhance the integrity of your card issuance program even more by protecting all aspects of it, including your ID printer supplies such as blank cardsribbons, and laminates. Ensure that all supplies are securely stored in a vault or locked room when they are not in use. Also, it’s important that you dispose misprinted cards properly, since they could contain sensitive information.

You should also restrict equipment access to a few trusted and supervised employees to make sure that ID card production is fully monitored and tightly controlled.

For expert assistance in enhancing your ID card system’s security, speak with our ID experts at 1-800-667-1772today. You can also get in touch with us anytime via e-mail.

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