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How Forward-Thinking Schools Are Using Student ID Cards

How Forward-Thinking Schools Are Using Student ID Cards

Over the years, student ID cards have evolved from basic laminated badges to multi-function smart cards that offer plenty of features beyond just basic identification.

As student identification cards gain more functionality, they are becoming an even more important tool for many school administrators in improving school security and in cultivating a safer school environment for students and staff alike.

At the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University, for instance, students are asked to swipe their campus ID cards at all events and programs in an effort to track attendance and measure engagement more effectively.

As described in a report by the Battalion, once a student swipes her card, her ID information is electronically recorded on a spreadsheet, which is later imported into a software program to generate and analyze attendance data. The information collected is then used to improve student venter-sponsored programs, including conferences, lecture series, stage productions and concerts, among others.

Meanwhile, at Philadelphia’s Microsoft Education-designed School of the Future, students swipe their smart ID cards to buy meals, enter buildings and open lockers.

And according to a report by Education Week, this is just the beginning with more functionality planned in the near future. One potential application is to keep track of calories that students burn at the school’s fitness center, and then cross-reference this information with the calories consumed by students during lunch. School administrators believe features like these will help them get a more holistic view of every student, enabling them to better attend to their diverse needs.

Adding features to student ID cards like these may sound complicated, but with expertise from ID solution providers like ID Superstore, it need not be difficult. Forward-thinking school districts and universities continue to reap the benefits of modern ID systems with more efficient delivery of services, tightened security, and are seeing returns on their investments with increased revenue.

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