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How Long Will My Card Printer Last?

ID Superstore has customers who have used the same printer for fifteen years. How? Prepare your system for long-term use:

  • Make sure you do regular maintenance on your printers with printer specific cleaning tools/supplies.
  • Printers are very sensitive to dust, oils and lint. Once damaged, print heads are costly to replace.
  • You can purchase cleaning kits made by your printer manufacturer through our website.
  • Make sure your cards are dust free and handled with care. Try not to touch the face of blank cards. Contaminated cards will inevitably lead to a
    damaged print head.

How can I avoid printer failure and breakages?

Avoid using contaminated blank plastic cards. Cards become contaminated if the face of the card is handled with bare hands, or if the card has been sitting
un-protected for a long time. Dust, dirt, lint and oils can greatly reduce the life span of a print-head. Try to avoid printing on cards with burrs and
jagged edges. Always use care and follow the manufacturer's instructions when replacing ribbons.

Some ID Superstore customers report having used the same printer for 15 years. Find out how they prolonged the lifespan of their printers in this video.

For expert advice on how you can keep your card printer in great working condition, talk to our technical support team at 1-800-667-1772.

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