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How Should I Submit My Card Artwork?

When submitting card artwork for printing, be sure to observe the following guidelines to ensure faithful reproduction of your card design.

ID Card Artwork Submission Guidelines

At, we strive to give you the best product possible. In order for us to meet and exceed your expectations, please ensure that your artwork is compliant with the following requirements:

  • Color mode: RGB
  • Resolution: 300 dpi or higher
  • Artwork size: CR-80 (3.375” x 2.125”)
  • File .eps .psd .jpeg .tif .pdf
  • Font:True-type (.ttf)


Full Color Process Printing

Our printing technology requires colors to be saved in the RGB color space. If your artwork is designed using CMYK or Pantone spot colors, please convert and save them in the correct color format before submission. 

Changing CMYK to RGB

If you are unable to convert it or are unsure as to what color format you are using, we can convert the artwork for you, but be aware that converted RGB images from the CMYK color space may differ slightly.

Spot Color

Because spot color printing uses monochrome ribbons, all artwork and graphics provided for spot color printing must be converted to pure black prior to submission. Photos, gradients, 3D shapes, and overlapping colors are also unacceptable for spot color printing. 

Our talented card designers have created this Spot Color Card Checklist that you can review prior to submission to simplify the process and prevent delays.


For best results, the resolution of any graphics, logos or photographic images in your card design must be at least 300 dpi, placed at 100%.  Alternatively, you may send in color bitmaps set at a minimum of 1200 dpi and placed at 100%.

Note that vector-based images, which are resolution independent, will produce the best prints.

To check the resolution of your existing artwork, open it in Photoshop, go to the “Image” tab and select “Image size.” This will open a dialog box where you can see the resolution of your image.

Sample Image Resolution for Printing

Here’s an article from our learning center that explains why vector images are important for print quality



If any non-standard fonts are used anywhere in your design, true-type versions of these fonts are also required. 

If you are unable to provide the true-type version of the fonts used in the design, then approval must be provided to substitute the used fonts for equivalent variations of the same fonts, as sourced or created by us. 

Here are some important guidelines with regard to fonts:

  • All variable fonts should be removed from any image submission
  • Text must not be smaller than 6pts, and should preferably be bolded if a small font size is used
  • For best results, do not use a serif or script font
  • For disclaimers and card backs, vector files are recommended
  • If using non-Latin fonts like Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, and other similar font type, please convert the fonts to curves/outlines

Also, be sure to give the font names and sizes of all postscript fonts used in your artwork to your account representative, as there may be minor differences in the fonts we have on file

Serif vs Sans Serif


Standard Card Size

When designing artwork, please follow the standard card size, which is CR-80 (3.375” x 2.125”).

Remember to account for “bleeding” by adding 1/16” to your background layout. Make sure to keep important ID card information away from the edge by at least 1/8” to avoid clipping.  Note that full bleed artwork cannot be printed on cards with less than 30 mil thickness.

Dimensions for CR80 Plastic Cards

Graphics and Logos

For reference, a sample mock-up of your complete card design with sample text should be provided along with supporting files including background with no variable text, logos, and extra images.  To avoid confusion, only send the final version of your artwork.  Submitted designs must be in English and clearly identified.

card design guidelines
Here are some important guidelines with regard to graphics and logos:

  • Must be at least 300 dpi (600 dpi preferred)
  • Must not use file compression (e.g. for jpegs, use 100% quality)
  • Any black areas must be pure-black (RGB=000000)
  • Acceptable File Formats: .ai, .eps, .psd, .jpeg, .tif, .pdf
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd) files should be layered
  • All .ai, .eps, .tiff files should be vectors, not flattened images


All photo images should be provided in the formats listed below. Please note that no adjustments to photos other than brightness and cropping are made, so photos should be in a ready to print state.

  • Acceptable File Formats: .jpeg, .tif
  • Naming Format: FirstName LastName.jpeg (e.g. Jane Smith.jpeg)

Prior to printing, photos usually need to be cropped to the head/shoulders and possibly adjusted for contrast, white balance, blur, bad lighting and the like.  This is an optional step that can be done by you prior to sending us the photos, in which case we will import the photos in bulk “as-is,” or it may be completed by us, cropping/correcting the photos individually as they are imported, or not at all.  Most clients have us do it as we already have the staff in place.


Please make signatures solid black on a transparent background. Scan them in black and white bitmap (raster) and crop the signatures before sending.

  • Acceptable File Formats: .jpeg, .tif
  • Naming Format: FirstName LastName.jpeg (e.g. Jane Smith.jpeg)

Do not send logos, graphics, photographs, or signatures embedded in Microsoft Excel, Power Point, or Word files.


If your ID card design has a provision for barcodes, we need to be provided with the maximum number of digits/characters that may ever need to be encoded.  This is required so that we may ensure enough white space is available for the barcode to always be read properly by any barcode reader.



Please send your files as an attachment or zipped file by email to your account representative. Note your company name and corresponding order number in the subject line.

For a large number of files or files exceeding 10 megabytes, upload them to your Dropbox account and then share the folder with us or simply e-mail us a link. The files must be readable to a Windows-based platform. We do not accept files for a Macintosh or Linux platform.

Still need help? Call 1-800-667-1772 for expert assistance. Our experienced ID card professionals are always available to help you. 

For Further Reading:

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