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How to Achieve the Security of Biometrics at HALF the Cost

With fraud and security breaches rising and becoming more sophisticated, it has become crucial for businesses to catch up with the times, particularly in terms of security. One solution that many businesses are turning to is biometrics. 

Electronic Locks and Keypad Door LockBiometrics security, particularly Biometrics Access Control, is proving to be an effective solution for many businesses.  Traditionally, identification and access were granted by something a person carries like an access card or through something an employee knows like a password or a PIN. With biometrics, authentication is done directly via the person with iris scans, facial recognition, or hand geometry scans.  What was once the stuff of science fiction in novels and movies has now turned into reality. But, like most new technologies, implementation is often complicated and expensive.

Thanks to advancements in technology and growing adoption, however, one type of biometric access control system, the fingerprint scanner, is becoming more accessible and affordable.  

A fingerprint scanner is a biometric device that uses a fixed-focus optical sensor or capacitance sensor to scan the fingerprint of an individual. The collected fingerprint image is then compared to a database of previously collected fingerprint images to find a match.

Fingerprint Reader

While fingerprint scanners in the past were large and heavy, the newer ones are small enough to be incorporated on a mouse, a keyboard, a laptop, or even as a stand-alone sensor that can be attached to any computer system via USB.  Used in conjunction with low-cost but effective security products like smart access cards, the setup easily becomes a two-factor identification and authentication system that has the security benefits of biometrics at half the cost. Other benefits include:

Significantly Reduced Security Costs– Additional security personnel and expensive monitoring equipment like CCTV cameras are no longer required at every access point to verify access.

Vulnerability Mitigation– Because employees do not have to remember passwords or PINs, the unsecure practice of writing down passwords or PINs on sticky notes is eliminated.

Positive Identification– Only the authorized person is granted access. Even if an ID card is stolen or forged, an intruder will not be able to gain access to a facility or use a computer system without the authorized fingerprint.

Biometric security isn’t just for deep-pocketed corporations and highly secure government facilities anymore. Whether you have a small retail store with six employees, a medium enterprise, or a large corporation, biometrics can provide your company with a viable security solution that is both modern and reliable.

Do you need help in securing your business? Call or e-mail our ID security experts today.

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