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How to Make Your Casino Stand Out with Smart Cards

How to Make Your Casino Stand Out with Smart Cards

When some people are feeling lucky or are looking for a new experience, they think of casinos. As a casino operator, you would want these people to think of your business when they are feeling extra adventurous. So how do you keep your brand top of mind? The secret is in casino membership cards.

By issuing professional-quality casino membership cards, you not only make your guests feel welcome, you are also giving them a physical reminder of your brand even after they leave your casino. And by personalizing the cards with their names and even their photos, you make them feel important.

Just like in any industry, when a customer gets special, personalized treatment, they’re more likely to come back regularly and recommend your business to friends. This is doubly important in the casino industry where competition is stiff. Casinos that offer superior gaming experiences are seeing their patrons spend more, play longer and return more frequently.

But in a competitive casino industry where the stakes are high, how exactly do you up the ante? The answer is through smart cards.

By adding smart card features to your casino membership cards, you will be able to offer the convenience of cashless gaming to your patrons. With smart casino cards, guests will be able quickly and easily load money onto their casino cards for uninterrupted play. Winnings can be deposited onto the card after every play or at the end of the day. Additionally, if you offer discounts to your ancillary offerings like in your gift shop or café, you can encourage your visitors to keep their money within your walls.

For VIPs and high rollers, you can add extra perks and privileges like complimentary hotel accommodations and exclusive access to VIP rooms, which are typically open only to select patrons and special guests.

In addition to customer-facing benefits, smart cards provide valuable analytics relating to gaming preferences and spending habits, which can prove useful in tracking marketing initiatives as well as spotting hidden trends in the industry.

Investing in a smart card printing equipment not only gives you these business benefits, it also offers significant improvement in the way you operate of your casino. As you distribute smart identification cards to all of your staff using the same equipment you use to print membership cards, you’re also improving the security of your casino. Plus, with advanced access control features, you will be able to effectively keep unauthorized persons from gaining access to areas where cash and other important items are kept.

For the best casinos, customer experience and security are two things that they never gamble on. It just might be time for you to go ‘all in’ with a complete plastic card solution.

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