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How to Print Key Tags

Keytag Dimensions

Find out how you can print key tags for your business.

Key tags are very popular right now for memberships and loyalty cards. Although you can technically print key tags with any plastic card printer, we do not recommend it as the hole punch in the key tag is very likely to damage your equipment's print head, which could lead to very expensive repairs.

If you need key tags for your business, we can manufacture and print them for you at a low price. We are capable of printing any design on PVC or teslin materials. Call or e-mail us today to discuss your needs. 

Key tags come either attached to a CR80 card or in triplets so that, together, they have the same dimensions as a CR80 card.

Due to the smaller size, we recommend that you make the front very visual...
Sample Keytag Front
... and we recommend having text on the back. Ensure that the font is large enough to read.
Sample Keytag Back

For assistance in printing your own key tags, call our staff at 1-800-667-1772.

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