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How To Separate Different Types of Employees in a Warehouse

Employee access to any part of the company should be a primary security concern.

Warehouse operation and management is something not too many people know much about. One example is the fact that not everyone is really given access to every place in a company's warehouse. This is because of a few reasons, not the least of which is security. Granted that employees do need some of the items kept in the company warehouse, it does not necessarily mean that everyone can come and go as they please.

Proper warehouse operation and security necessitates the need to separate different types of employees given access to the warehouse.

Why is there a need to separate employees?

Security purposes

Depending on what is being stored or kept in the warehouse, certain items or products will necessarily have higher value than others. This means that to maintain a good level of security for the valuable items, the less people that have access to it, the better. Separating employees into the few who have access to the high-value items and the majority that don't is a good way to ensure security.

Access areas

In some cases, certain stored items require specific knowledge and skill in handling, and sometimes some items cannot be manually handled at all for risk of contamination or other dangers. For these reasons, there is a great need to limit the access of specific employees in a warehouse.

How the Separation Process can actually be done

Coded ID cards

One of the more subtle ways of limiting the access of specific employees in a warehouse is to issue security coded ID badges. Access doors with card readers can be programmed to allow only those with access privilege into specific areas. As these coded cards also come with a monitoring system that record the comings and goings of the bearer, how long they were there, and even how many times they were there, employee behavior in the warehouse can be taken note of, for future reference.

Access limitations

In cases wherein all employees need to have access everywhere, but still within controllable parameters, proximity cards with varying levels of access can be issued to employees. These cards can be programmed to allow access to specific areas for specific schedules only and not repeated access, which may only be made available for a select few, for security purposes.

Segregation by task

Employees may also be separated by particular task, department, or designation. Depending on the materials or items stored in the warehouse, and how relevant it is to different departments or employees, access to specific areas can be assigned by relevance. This makes the most sense because employees of one particular department may not have any need of the materials stored in the warehouse section assigned to another department, and therefore would not need access to it.

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