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ID Imperfections We All Would Like to Avoid

ID imperfections may be due to a number of reasons, apart from the ID printer itself

ID printing is presumed to be among the simplest tasks one could possibly accomplish at work. ID badge printers today are so innovative and advanced that the job could very well be completely automated.

If this were the case, however, then why are there still some ID imperfections that many still encounter, and display, from time to time? Here are a few of the imperfections to watch out for while doing the task of ID printing, and the possible causes for them as well.

Streaks and spots

One of the more annoying problems to accompany ID printers is when the IDs come out with either streaks or spots on them. This could be due to a number of reasons, the most common of which could be that the printer itself is already in need of cleaning and maintenance. It could be anything from a dirty card loader, improper alignment somewhere inside while the card is being fed into the printer, or a host of other causes that could have been avoided if the printer had been maintained properly and regularly.

Blurred images

Blurred images should not always be blamed on the ID badge printer itself, since there are many instances wherein the source image itself was not clear to begin with. With a source image that is not of the best quality for printing, one should not wonder why the resulting printed ID has a blurred image as well. Always make sure that the image to be used on the ID is corrected and clear, so that the print out will also be of good quality. In the case of the printer itself, make sure that it is in good working condition and is not in need of supplies or other concerns so as not to crank out ID cards with blurred images.

Peeling laminate

Peeling laminate is a sign that either the ID has gone through a lot of wear and tear, or the card material or printer is of poor quality or is in poor working condition. In the case of wear and tear, material degradation is unavoidable, since ID cards were not meant to last forever. It is, however, unacceptable that the material degradation already occurs in just a short time right after the ID was produced. This is why good quality ID material, such as premium PVC cards, is needed when making ID badges that can withstand a good amount of wear and tear and last for longer than expected.

Uneven color output

While it may appear to be quite whimsical and funny at times, having a discolored ID, as compared to others from the same office, should not be something to laugh at. First off, it could be surmised that the discolored ID is counterfeit, which is why it looks different, when in reality, it was only due to a sad shortage of print color agent. In some instances, the settings were either accidentally changed in some way before the printing of the ID batch was completed, resulting in the last few IDs being off color. This is why the output of the print job should always be checked every so often, if only to check for consistency.

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