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Increasing Your ID’s Security Without Spending a Penny

Companies issue identification badges to their employees as a means to keep the workplace safe.

ID cards increase security by making it easy for security personnel to verify the identity of every person coming in and out of a facility using the information printed on the ID. Most secure ID cards include anti-counterfeiting elements that make them difficult to forge or tamper with. Some examples of these security elements include holographic laminates, micro text and fluorescent printing, among others. ID card printer with security features

For those looking to improve the security features of their ID cards but can’t justify the added cost, the options listed above are simply out of the picture. Fortunately, with some out of the box thinking and some simple design tweaks, ID cards can be enhanced without spending a penny. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Add a barcode
Including a barcode in your ID card does not require special equipment or supply. All you need is your existing black resin panel and your ID card software. A barcode on an ID card can serve as secondary method to authenticate an ID card, making it more secure.

Use color-coded gradients
Regardless of the number of colors you are using on your card’s design, you’re bound to consume a specific set of ribbon panels for every card printed. So why not design your ID cards to have unique color gradients for different types of employees for quick visual identification from afar?

Use unique photo backgrounds
ID cards nowadays often include photos for quick verification. Why not add to its functionality by using different color backgrounds for the photos of people with different security clearances like white for visitors and blue for employees.

These 3 practical tips improve the security of your ID cards significantly without adding to your costs. Give them a try today.


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