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Is It Worth Fixing My ID Card Printer?

It’s inevitable, all equipment eventually fail regardless of how much we take care of them. Some breakdown because of age, others because of poor maintenance. When faced with this scenario, many ask:

“Should I have my malfunctioning card printer repaired or replaced?”

Deciding whether to fix a defective ID printer or spend for a new one isn’t an easy task. To help you arrive at a practical and sound decision, the printer repair specialists at ID Superstore have narrowed down the factors that you need to consider when making the choice. These can be summarized into four points:

  • Warranty Coverage
  • Repair Costs
  • Age of the Printer
  • Printing Requirements

ID card printer manufacturers usually cover the cost for repairs of faulty card printers within 2 to 3 years from the printer’s date of purchase. If your plastic card printer is still within the warranty period, it is best to have it serviced instead of buying a new one provided the damage or malfunction isn’t due to equipment mishandling.

For older badge printers that are no longer covered by warranty, you have to evaluate the cost to repair the printer as well as the remaining serviceability of the equipment. Depending on the damage or part that needs replacement, card printer repair costs can get too high that it makes more sense to just purchase a new one.   For example, instead of spending $800 to repair a 6-year old printer that will likely break down again in the future, it would make more financial sense if you just purchase a newer card printer at $1,500. Fixing faulty products and keeping them running for as long as possible isn't always the best way to reduce costs and save money.

Conversely, if the repairs are minimal and the costs are incidental, then go for the cheaper route of having your broken printer serviced by qualified technicians.

Your printing requirement and advancements in printer technology could likewise factor in your decision making process to either repair or replace an aging card printer.  If the one you currently have is no longer adequate for your printing needs, it would be more beneficial to get a newer and more advanced printer.  On the other hand, if your existing printer still proves sufficient for your requirements, it would be more economically sound to simply have it serviced as issues arise.

Watch this video to learn how you can prolong the life of your ID card printer.

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