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Picking the Ideal ID Accessory

More than just fancy adornments, different ID accessories do have different uses.

Most would think that ID accessories aren't really things that require much thought or consideration when being bought. One ID accessory is as good as another, or at least that's how most people would think about it.

The truth is, picking out ID accessories should be really given at least as much thought and consideration as was given to the ID itself, for a number of important reasons.

Ease of Access

ID accessories were meant to make wearing and using one's ID easier and more convenient, so it really doesn't make sense to use one that does not do this. There are those who prefer not to have something dangling about their neck, and would prefer to wear it somewhere else on their person, such as a near a breast pocket or on their belt. Badge reels are ID accessories that allow people to wear their IDs practically anywhere they want to, and still be able to reach for it to display it or swipe it when the need arises, without having to contort their bodies to do so.

Customization counts

There are companies that really go the extra mile to ensure that branding is ever present in the business, including on their employees as well. This is the reason for the sudden popularity of customized lanyards and other accessories that carry the branding of the company to a higher level. Some customized accessories are immensely creative done or ingeniously useful that they have become popular giveaways, carrying the company branding with them wherever they may go.

Visibility and prominence

Oftentimes, many incidents of tardiness, mistaken identity, and even grave suspicion are due to instances wherein the ID had some visibility issues. Torn, stained, or damaged IDs are the bane of people always in a rush to get past security in time so as not to be late. This issue could have been easily resolved with the use of ID holders that display the ID prominently while being worn, and protect the ID enough to ensure that it is recognizable enough without thorough checks.

Safe Enough to Wear

A common complaint of many employees about some of the accessories that come with their ID is related to actual safety. Accessories such as lanyards have, in very rare instances, figured in freak accidents where the wearer was almost choked because it got entangled with machinery. Breakaway lanyards have been created to address this specific issue. Remember that ID cards should not only be for the safety and protection of the company that issued it, but also for the employee wearing them.

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