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Protect Yourself with a Strong Visitor Management System

The Benefits of Visitor Management Systems

In today’s competitive business environment, intellectual property theft is a real and lingering threat to many businesses. But industrial espionage isn’t the only problem that companies are facing when it comes to business security. When your facility isn’t secure, you are not only vulnerable; you are also likely to be legally liable.

This challenge, however, isn’t exclusive to businesses. Hospitals, schools, and many types of organizations constantly face legal action following unfortunate incidents that result from security breaches by unauthorized visitors.

So how do you, as a businesses owner, school superintendent or hospital administrator mitigate, if not eliminate, these risks to your organization? The answer is in visitor management systems. By controlling visitor access, knowing who’s on your premises, and tracking your visitors’ whereabouts as they move around your property, you reduce the possibility of any problematic incident developing that may adversely affect your employees, students or patients.

In addition to strengthening security, a well-designed and smartly implemented visitor management system also offers the following advantages:

Enhanced visitor experience. Since all visitors register at reception upon arrival, they can be welcomed properly and given directions quickly as they sign in.

Increased productivity. Without unexpected visitors who can cause disruptions and interrupt work, your employees are able to focus on their responsibilities and be more productive.

Efficient emergency response. With everyone in your building fully accounted for, emergency personnel can better address any and all emergency situations.

Improved company image. The visitor badges or self-expiring badges that you issue communicates to visitors that your organization takes safety seriously -- both for them and your employees.

By investing in a visitor management system, you are able to deter would-be thieves and intruders from gaining access into your facility.

But just like any astute business owner, you might be wondering about the cost. The good news is that there are a wide variety of guest management solutions available. They range from inexpensive logbook based systems that come bundled with self-expiring badges to feature-rich electronic systems that have advanced reporting features.

To learn more about your options, speak with out visitor management specialists today at 1-800-667-1772. You can also get in touch through e-mail.

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