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School ID Security Checklist

School ID card systems are becoming more advanced, utilizing the same technology used by corporations to produce high-quality, secure ID cards. Cards can range from student, teacher, and staff photo ID cards to coach ID cards, volunteer and visitor IDs, and more.

In colleges and universities especially, modern student IDs are now used to increase security and streamlining processes like controlling access to classrooms, dorms, and laboratories. ID cards equipped with smart features are also used to track student attendance and facilitate library checkouts and cafeteria payments.

Here's a handy checklist that you can refer to in planning your school's identification card system:

Student ID Card Checklist

Faculty and Staff ID Card Checklist

  • Full name of Faculty or Staff
  • Faculty or Staff Photo
  • Designation or Position
  • Department
  • School Name and Logo
  • Serial Number
  • Barcode or QR Code
  • High Coercivity Magnetic Stripe
  • Smart Chip
  • RFID
  • Issue Date
  • Emergency Contact
  • Tamper-Proof Overlaminate

School Visitor Badges

  • School Name and Logo
  • Text that says “VISITOR” in large, bold font
  • Color that indicates access restrictions
  • Low Coercivity Magnetic Stripe
  • RFID
  • Barcode or QR Code
  • Date/Time Issued
  • Expiry Date or Time
  • Serial or Control Number
  • Name of Visitor (optional)
  • Photograph of Visitor (optional)

If your school district or college has a limited budget, an affordable alternative to printing visitor badges is self-expiring visitor badges. They are low-cost, but are very effective.

Optional Accessories

Need assistance in implementing a smart and secure photo ID card system for your school? We can help. Get in touch with our ID security experts today.

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