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Security Elements That Go Into Your ID

Consider the security elements that go into your ID.

To the untrained eye, ID cards are most typically like every other ID card, a piece of laminated cardboard or plastic with a picture of the bearer and some pertinent data about the owner. For many companies and institutions, this is sadly true, which is why there are often reports of fraud, stealing, or other criminal acts carried out through the use of forged or fake ID cards.

Modern ID innovations today, however, come with cutting edge developments that were not only made to combat fraud and forgery, but also store even more data and information about the bearer of the ID as well.

Anti-fraud measures

Many IDs today may appear to have some extra images that appear to have been haphazardly printed over the actual ID itself, as if the ID maker printed on it by mistake. These markings, however, are usually embedded holograms or markings that cannot be duplicated or forged by counterfeiters. This works with existing security trained to recognize validated and authentic IDs that come with these marks or seals, and also allow them to single out those who are trying to pass of fake IDs.

Sturdy construction

The physical construction of the ID itself could even be used to make sure it is proof against counterfeiting. Special laminates and materials, such as colored PVC cards are being used today to not only make sure that the ID cards themselves are very durable and can withstand more wear and tear, but also to give it a distinct identifying presentation. As these special laminates offer better durability without sacrificing clarity of the information and images on the ID itself, any attempt to duplicate it would be immediately recognizable.

Specialized printing

The way information is printed on the ID itself is also a good indicator if the ID is authentic. ID printers today are able to print out in specialized font that other standard printers are not able to duplicate. It is even possible to actually embed what is known as "hidden text" in IDs, recognizable only to specialized readers with a laser system, making duplication quite impossible, as these "hidden text" may even be coded in a way that only official readers can read.

More information on card

In instances where the card being used comes with magnetic stripes, there is even an option to include additional data which only special readers can identify, further adding to the security options in place in the institution. This information may also serve to ensure that the identity of the ID owner is not used by others who make a living out of falsifying identities.

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