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Should I Outsource My ID Card Printing?

Deciding between in-house ID production and an outsourced ID card printing service is never a straightforward process. There are several considerations to make, which include cost, staff availability, and data privacy, among others. While both options are equally valid choices, the decision to keep card production in-house or to go with a 3rd party provider really depends on your specific needs.

In-House Card Creation and Issuance

For governments, companies, and organizations that issue identification cards, access cards, driver’s licenses, membership cards, credit cards, and debit cards in bulk and on a regular basis, having full control over the card printing, data encoding, and issuance process is paramount. As such, an in-house card printing would be the more ideal solution.

Outsourced Card Printing and Distribution Service

For businesses that sell the occasional gift cards or issue low volume loyalty cards, investing on ID printing equipment and ID supplies may be cost-prohibitive so going with an outside provider may be more cost-effective. Corporations managing multiple branches in different locations can also benefit from 3rd party ID providers by offloading non-core operations like ID card production and issuance to an outside company.

Why Not Both?

A good third option is to combine both. You can do card personalization in house using your own ID card printer and simply order your plastic cards with the background already printed on the card by a 3rd party. This way, you enjoy the benefits of both options. You can issue cards quickly without exposing the identity of your employees, students, customers, or members to outside parties, and because you’re only printing personalized data on pre-printed cards, you also enjoy significant savings from cheaper ribbons in the long run.

Every customer is unique. Let us know what your budget and card requirements are, and we’ll work with you to find the best ID card solution for your business or organization. Call us toll-free at 1-800-667-1772. You can also reach us using our contact form.

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