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Sign Me Up! 6 Loyalty Card Designs That Dazzle

Loyalty card designs can be a gift or a curse. When done right, they can dazzle customers and have them lining up to sign up for one. Design it poorly, however, they can turn your investment into a huge waste of time and money.

Let’s look at 6 loyalty card designs that are not only eye-catching but are also unique:

Starbucks Card - This card from Starbucks makes use of the transparent plastic card material by incorporating it in the card’s design. The result is a stunning card that highlights the brand and its main offering.

Sample Starbucks Loyalty Card

Image credit: Starbucks

Walgreens Balance Rewards - The use of subtle text in the card’s design quietly communicates the intangible rewards that customers get when shopping at Walgreens.

Sample Walgreens Rewards Card

Image credit: Walgreens

Momentum Multiply Rewards - Momentum’s white logo on red background is a classic example of the design principle of keeping it clean and simple.

Sample Momentum Rewards Card

Image credit: Momentum

Tesco Clubcard - The use of contrasting colors and bold fonts make the text in Tesco’s clubcard design stand out.

Tesco Clubcard Loyalty Card

Image credit: Tesco

APlus Reward - A good design is something that communicates the product or service that the brand offers. APlus Rewards cards is a good example of this design principle.

APlus Rewards Card

Image credit: APlus

Rewards R Us Cards - One of the best looking cards in the market, Toys R Us’ rewards card makes use of playful colors that reflect the character of the brand and its product line. Extra points too for the creative use of the company logo.

Rewards R Us

Image credit: Toys R Us

Disclaimer: All designs and images are the property of their respective owners, and are posted here for commentary and educational purposes only. ID Superstore does not claim ownership of these images.

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