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Spot Color Card Checklist

When printing with a monochrome ribbon, it is important to remember a few things. Here's a checklist that you can use when printing spot color cards.

Spot color cards are printed using a direct-to-card printer and a monochrome ribbon.


  • Must not consist of any gradients
  • Must not consist of any 3D shapes or images
  • Must not contain any shadowing in the artwork
  • No thin borders in the artwork
  • Colors cannot be touching
  • Large, solid blocks of color cannot be printed
  • Must not consist of any photos
  • Must not consist of fine, small text
  • Must be a high resolution file or vector (Minimum 300 dpi) (i.e. not blurry, no jagged edges)

Spot Color Specs


  • Monochrome colors printed onto colored cards will appear differently than when printed onto white cards
  • Only white, gold and silver can be printed onto a black card
  • Full color printing cannot be done on colored cards
  • Artwork bleeding to the edge of the card will have to be done on a retransfer printer

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