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The 3 Ways to Display Your Badge: Lanyard, Badge Reel, and Strap Clip

ID badges are an essential component of any organization’s safety and security protocol, which is why it is important that everyone wear them. The best approach in ensuring that everyone complies with your company’s ID requirement is to make the wearing of badges comfortable and convenient.

There are three ways to display an ID badge, each offering easy access, convenience and great visibility:

Lanyards - Available in different colors, configurations, and attachments, lanyards make it convenient for employees and visitors to comply with company policies mandating the wearing of ID at all times. They are perfect for keeping frequently used items like USB flash drives, keys, and ID badges within reach at all times

Badge Reels - Highly customizable, badge reels are the ultimate accessory for carrying and swiping access cards. The built-in retractable cord in badge reels keeps ID badges tethered to the user, reducing any risk of loss.  Badge reels are ideal for companies that also use their ID cards for time and attendance tracking.

Strap Clips - For companies on a tight budget, strap clips are the best way to wear and display badges. They are economical and practical, making them perfect for schools and offices that need a no-frills way of displaying name badges.

Lanyards, badge reels, and strap clips aren’t just perfect for displaying photo ID cards, they’re great promotional items as well. Need them customized with your logo? We can help. Call or e-mail our helpful sales team today.

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