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The 4 ID Card Details Fraudsters Are Hoping You Forget

In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to forge an identification (ID) card, but if you do a web search on the topic of fake IDs, you will likely find a number of websites selling counterfeit cards. Moreover, as ID printing technology becomes more affordable and readily accessible to the average computer user, it has become easier for fraudsters to duplicate ID cards.

To combat the problem of ID fraud, the ID card industry has developed a variety of security features and best practices to make it difficult and expensive for fraudsters to duplicate most cards.

Let’s look at four ID card security details that fraudsters are hoping you overlook when implementing your ID card system:

An effective and secure ID card design is both eye-catching and practical. Not many realize this, but an ID card’s design is as important as its physical security features.

Colors, for example, can be used to indicate different levels of security clearances. Unless fraudsters have insider information as to which color means what, it would be hard for them to make a copy that is useful in the right scenario.

Incorporating microscopic text in a card’s design is another way to deter fraudsters. This printing process typically needs specialized printing equipment, making it virtually impossible for fly-by-night ID card forgers to implement.

Another good way to combat ID counterfeiting is to use materials that are tamper-proof and expensive to duplicate.

Laminates, in addition to adding a layer of protection from wear and fading, are a good way to add security features to your card as any attempt to peel the laminate would also lift the print from the card’s surface, rendering it unusable.

Security text and logos printed using ribbons with special ultraviolet (UV) or flouresncent (F) panels are virtually impossible for optical scanners to copy because they are only visible under a black light.

Using a custom shape for the ID card make it more difficult for ID card fraudsters to recreate your cards using off-the-shelf equipment and supplies.

Oversized cards with giant text and photo elements are easily recognizable from a distance. Moreover, it magnifies printing mistakes and inconsistencies that are commonly found on fake ID cards.

Technology cards that can store data have been gaining in popularity. These cards provide additional functionality like access control, cashless payments, time and attendance tracking, equipment checkout, and others.

ID cards with data encoding technology are a tad more expensive than regular polyvinyl chloride cards. The cost to produce these cards alone can serve as a deterrent to ID fakers. But more importantly, these cards can be deactivated easily in case of loss or theft. Even if a fraudster gains access to one, he will not be able to fully duplicate the card without the encoded information from the original.


The ID card details listed in this article are just some of the things that make it difficult for fraudsters to duplicate a card. To learn more about ID security features and best practices in protecting your ID card system from forgers, call our knowledgeable ID professionals at 1-800-667-1772 or send them an email through our website.

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