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The Benefits of Expiring Visitor Badges

The security of employees, customers, and company assets is a top priority for many companies. Proof to this is the sizable and ongoing investments organizations put in to keep their premises safe and conducive for business.

However, some overlook the threats that visitors, welcome or otherwise, pose to the company’s every day security. This is where visitor management systems come in. It’s an aspect of business security that must be given serious attention because security protocols are only as effective as their weakest link.

For corporations that can afford sophisticated CCTV systems and software-based visitor management systems, this isn’t much of a concern. But for companies that work on a budget, managing visitors can be challenging.

Fortunately, an affordable yet equally effective solution is readily available, and it doesn’t require any additional equipment to work. The solution is called TEMPbadge. It’s a visitor logbook that includes disposable, self-expiring badges that can be used to monitor and log visitor traffic quickly and cheaply.

The badges are available in three different expiration periods:

  • 4 hours
  • 16 hours
  • 1 week

And they can be filled with visitor information in three ways:

  • Manually-issued – Visitor information is written on the expiring badge
  • Thermal printable – Visitor information printed on the badge using thermal printers
  • Inkjet or laser-printed – Visitor information is printed on the badge using inkjet or laser printers

The benefits of self-expiring badges can be classified into three:

Visual Security

When a self-expiring visitor badge is activated by attaching the front and back part of the badge together, red lines gradually bleed through the badge to indicate expiration. This is a good and effective visual indicator of whether a visitor has overstayed his welcome or not.


Expiring visitor badges achieve the same security benefits that other visitor management systems bring at a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’s very easy to implement, eliminating the need for specialized training.


One of the advantages of software-based visitor management systems is the ability to keep logs of visitor traffic. This benefit is also available in TEMPbadge. With the TEMPbadge logbook, duplicate copies of the visitor information are securely retained in the logbook after the badges are issued.

TEMPbadge Visitor Logbook Video Overview

To learn more about our TEMPbadge visitor management product, call our experienced sales staff at 1-800-667-1772, or if you prefer, you may reach them through e-mail.

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