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The Benefits of Retransfer Printing

When it comes to ID card printing, Retransfer is the best technology available today. It’s an amazing process that allows anyone to print full bleed images that meet stringent photo quality requirements.

Unlike direct-to-card printers, which use printheads that print images directly onto a card’s surface, Retransfer printers print images onto the reverse side of a transparent film that is then thermally applied to the card. This method seals the printed image between the card and the film, resulting in color-accurate and photo-realistic printouts.

Retransfer Printing Infographic

In addition to image quality benefits, cards printed using the Retransfer process tend to last longer because the transparent film doubles as a protective layer keeping printed images from fading over time due to wear and tear. It also protects the card from fraud, as any attempt to tamper with the film would be evident.

Because the image is printed on a separate film, and not on the card, the Retransfer process enables users to achieve true over-the-edge printing, virtually eliminating thin unprinted borders left by even the most high-end direct-to-card printers.

The Retransfer printing method likewise makes it possible to print edge-to-edge images on smart cards with uneven surfaces. Smart cards usually have embedded technologies like storage chips and antennas that cause them to have inconsistent surfaces.

Another benefit of the Retransfer printing process is the ability to print on non-PVC cards like ABS, PET, PVH and Polycarbonate. Direct-to-card printing generally requires a card with flat and porous surface, which are available only through PVC cards. sells the latest Retransfer printers from Zebra and Datacard. To find out how a Retransfer printer can benefit your business, call our friendly ID professionals at 1-800-667-1772 for expert advice, or visit our online store now to browse through our wide catalogue of ID card printers and blank ID cards.




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