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Time and Attendance Tracking Solutions for Businesses

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

Time is a valuable resource not just for employees but for companies as well. For many businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, employee payroll is often one of the biggest expenses. This underscores the importance of precise time and attendance tracking, not only to ensure accurate payroll and maximize productivity but also to guarantee compliance to labor laws and regulations.

Time and attendance systems automate the task of monitoring employee work hours. But more than just computerize human resource processes, time and attendance tracking solutions reduce administrative costs by providing management with superior tools to use for setting employee schedules, enforcing company policies, and ensuring fulfillment of employee benefits.

For businesses looking to automate their time and attendance tracking, there are several options available. Let’s look at some of the most common features:

Time Tracking – Every system has this basic functionality including the ability to manually enter time worked, if necessary. Most systems utilize card readers in conjunction with magnetic stripe cards and smart cards that double as employee identification cards as a replacement for the traditional time card. Individual personal identification numbers (PINs) are sometimes paired with these cards to prevent workers from swiping each other’s cards. Businesses requiring more advanced systems can take advantage of biometric-enhanced solutions, which include fingerprint readers and iris scanners.

Leave Management – This feature allows human resources to quickly and efficiently monitor the accumulation and usage of holidays, sick days, leave credits, vacation days, etc.

Payroll Integration – Most systems include a built-in payroll system. This is useful in facilitating on-time payments and detailed accounting. Some offer easy integration to existing payroll systems.

Mobile Integration – Designed for companies with employees who work in the field, mobile apps enable workers to clock in and out while working out of the office. Includes location tracking via GPS to ensure accurate records.

These solutions are either sold as a standalone package that includes software and hardware or offered through the “Software as a Service” subscription model paired with hardware.

Are you looking to automate your company’s time and attendance system? We can help reduce your hardware costs. Call us toll-free at 1-800-667-1772 to explore your options. You may also contact us using this form.

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