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What are Combination or Hybrid Cards?

Hybrid cards or combo cards are a terms applied to cards that contain two or more embedded chip technologies. They offer a unique solution for updating existing badging system.

Hybrid card is the term given to e-cards that contain two or more embedded chip technologies such as a contactless smart chip with its antenna, a contact smart chip with its contact pads, and/or a proximity chip with its antenna -- all in a single card. The contactless chip is typically used for applications demanding fast transaction times, like mass transit. The contact chip can be used in applications requiring higher levels of security. The individual electronic components are not connected to each other even though they share space in a single card.

Hybrid cards offer a unique solution for updating your existing badging system. This e-card allows you to accommodate the infrastructure and card technology of a legacy system while adding new applications and e-card technologies -- all in a single ID card.

The combi card -- also known as a dual-interface card -- has one smart chip embedded in the card that can be accessed through either contact pads or an embedded antenna. This form of smart card is growing in popularity because it provides ease-of-use and high security in a single card product.

Mass transit is expected to be one of the more popular applications for the combi card. In the mass transit application, a contact-type acceptor can be used to place a cash value in the chip's memory and the contactless interface can be used to deduct a fare from the card.

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