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What are Contactless Smart Cards?

Contactless smart cards have many uses, which include: identification, authentication, and data storage. But what are they exactly? Find out in this article.

In addition to the features and functions found in contact smart cards, contactless smart cards contain an embedded antenna instead of contact pads attached to the chip for reading and writing information contained in the chip's memory. Contactless cards do not have to be inserted into a card acceptor device. Instead, they need only be passed within range of a radio frequency acceptor to read and store information in the chip. The range of operation is typically from about 2.5" to 3.9" (63.5mm to 99.06mm) depending on the acceptor.

Contactless smart cards are used in many of the same applications as contact smart cards, especially where the added convenience and speed of not having to insert the card into a reader is desirable.There is a growing acceptance of this type of card for both physical and logical access control applications. Student identification, electronic passport, vending, parking and tolls are common applications for contactless cards.

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