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What are the Differences Between Single Sided and Dual Sided Printers?

Can't decide which kind of printer to get? Know the difference and the benefits in this article.

Single sided printers only print on one side of a card while dual sided printers print on both sides.

Single sided printing is perfect for basic printing needs, where only a photograph and a small amount of text need to appear on a card. Single sided printing also provides the most economical printing option.

Datacard SD260 Single Sided Card Printer

On the other hand, duplex printing is particularly useful for situations that require cards to contain more than just a name and photograph. For example, in addition to providing a name and photograph a card may need to display a person’s height, weight, and eye color. Duplex printing allows this information to be printed on the back of a card, ensuring that the front remains uncluttered.

Datacard SD360 Dual-Sided Card Printer

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