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What is a Half-Panel Color Ribbon?

As users find more ways to reduce their printing costs, many are adapting more ribbon-efficient card designs. But is there really such a thing as ribbon efficient-card design? In the past, there isn’t because regardless of how much color you use in your card design, you’re bound to use the same amount of ribbon. The only thing that factors in ribbon utilization is the number of cards printed. But with the introduction of half-panel ribbons, things have changed.

Half-panel YMCKO ribbons are similar to standard full color ribbons in many ways: they are both dye-sublimation ribbons; they both have color panels; and they both come with full-sized black and overlay panels.

The only difference is in the yellow, magenta, and cyan panels, which are half the size of regular full-panel ribbons, hence the name.

Half-panel ribbons are generally cheaper, costing about 40% less than their full-sized counterparts. They also have twice the yield per roll. All these make half-panel ribbons a cost-effective and economical choice for cards that have minimal color elements. They can be used to customize blank or pre-printed cards.

Note that when personalizing pre-printed cards with half-panel color ribbons, the pre-printed card must not have any overlay or topcoat on the area where color is to be printed; otherwise image quality may be reduced.

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