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What is a VECTOR FILE and Why is it Important in Card Design?

When designing ID cards, it is important to save your design as a Vector file.

Vector files are the best type of image file to work with because they allow scaling to any size without losing detail. Raster graphics (JPEG, TIFF, GIF) are made from pixels. When resized, pizels are added or removed which result in a loss of detail. Low resolution images will yield poor quality results and may delay your order.


When sending a digital artwork file, please also supply all necessary fonts and graphics as separate files. If fonts are missing, substitute fonts may be used which will affect the layout of your artwork. As an alternative, several programs allow fonts to be "outlined", "converted to curves" or "vectorized", which eliminates any font issues.

Vector Artwork

Vector artwork can be scaled to any size without loss of definition.

Vector Artwork

Rasterized Artwork

Rasterized artwork will lose definition when enlarged.

Rasterized Artwork


The higher the number of dots per inch (DPI), the better the quality of the rast image. You can decrease the resolution of an image but you cannot increase resolution. For best results, supply artwork that is at least 300 DPI at full size.

Dots per inch - dpi

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