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What Kind of Security Features Can I Have on Cards?

If you are printing IDs, the photos and signatures can be used as basic security features. If you have information that needs to be coded you can do so in magnetic stripes or IC chips. Many people are now using cards as an access control feature. We have various HID proximity cards that can be made to your facility specifications.

Options include:

Signature Panel – a panel allowing different types of pens to write onto the card. Different suppliers use different types of sig. panels. Verify how the card will be used afterward as some sig. panels give off a residue that can damage a dye-sub printer if it will be personalized.

Scratch Off Panel – Applied to conceal information such as a PIN number underneath.

LoCo or HiCo Magnetic Stripes

Foil – Metallic Printing on the card. Somewhat expensive and rarely used but becoming more common. A two tone foil stamp or hot stamp can come close to duplicating a hologram.

Hologram Images – Custom designs are very expensive (about US$6,000), but generic holographic overlays can be applied cheaply in-house using ID Card Printers.

Custom Bleeds – Where printing is taken right to the edge of the card. This process is slightly more expensive than a card without bleeds.

Sometimes a physical feature is required to prevent card duplication by unwanted parties. A hot foil stamp can be added to you card as well as holographic overlays. We offer other security features (such as micro-printing) for quantities above 1000. Call us at 1-800-667-1772 and we’ll help you find the appropriate combination of security features.

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