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What Makes for a Great Visitor Management System?

In the world today, visitor management systems are mostly used for two purposes: security and information. While there two purposes are of the highest priority in any business, they also require a very high level of discretion on the part of those implementing them. People like to be assured that they are secure in any setting they may be in, but at the same time, they don't want to feel like they are constantly being monitored or that particular information about them is being studied by those ensuring the security.

This is why most of the best visitor management systems in place today are not overtly obvious, and the most that visitors may see of their presence are plastic ID cards are a few well-placed security cameras, all of which are connected to a much larger and more comprehensive system.

Disregarding size, scope, and severity, however, what makes for a great visitor management system?


Far from just being the pen-and-paper throwback from yesterday, today's visitor management system boasts of the latest in electronic innovation. The word "latest", however, does not always translate directly into "most reliable". Crafty and clever individuals have mostly managed to outthink and outwit these "latest" innovations in visitor management systems, being able to walk in and out of places with no one knowing they were even there. These are mostly because of "predictable flaws" built into the system itself that most crooks have learned to take advantage of. Remember that reliability is best demonstrated when you have tested something and found that it works well within your own parameters, and not just because the well-written marketing copy says it is.


More often than not, monitoring systems tied in with visitor management systems been used when there is a need to identify a particular visitor or even employee in an establishment. Sadly, not all monitoring systems are of the same quality. While there are those that have excellent recording and resolution capabilities, there are also the ones with mediocre to poor quality output. In instances where the need for superior monitoring and accuracy is needed, such as in banks, casinos, hospitals, and other institutions where identification is tied in with security, accuracy of the visitor management system should be beyond doubt. These are instances wherein securing an ID badge is just the beginning of the security clearance process.


One of the main purposes of using a visitor management system is to ensure security. One of the most basic tenets of security is that the less people have access to the control systems, the more secure the system is. This is why a great visitor management system should be quite manageable and not really require much personnel to maintain and operate. Requiring less actual personnel to operate and maintain the system would free up more manpower to do other tasks related to security and visitor management. Most systems today are actually capable of spotting and identifying potential security issues, isolate the location of the issue of threat, and initiate the appropriate response to it, such as dispatching security personnel to the area.


A great visitor management system should also necessarily be one that affords convenience while ensuring security and proper identification and access. One example of this are the systems that use proximity cards to assign accommodations to guests and track their comings and goings in and out of the establishment. Being nothing more than a thin card, it is easy to carry around and will slip into any convenient pocket or purse.

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