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What Steps are Involved in Starting an ID Program?

Steps in Starting an ID Card Program

Initiating an ID card program and looking for the right photo ID card system can be an arduous task. While we concede that it can be overwhelming at first, we at are always ready to help.

The key to making the task of starting an ID program easier is to understand the basics of ID card printing and its management. And to do that, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your ID card program's purpose? Beyond basic identification, ID cards are now able to serve multiple functions including access control, time and attendance tracking, and cashless payments. In planning your ID card program, you need to identify your goals early. This information will help define the kind of equipment and supplies you will need later.
  • How will the cards be used? Will the people who will be issued ID cards need smart card features like the ability to access restricted areas, pay for lunch, or checkout equipment? Then it would be wise to invest in a card printer with data encoding options so that one card can serve multiple functions. This saves your company time too since you will only be issuing one multi-function card instead of three.
  • How are ID cards issued? Early on, ascertain how often you'll be using the ID card printing equipment and the number of cards you will be producing. This way, you will know the kind of printer and printer features you need.
  • Will you be issuing different classes of cards? Depending on your organizational structure, you might need to issue different classes of cards. Schools, for example, might find it useful to issue different sets of cards for teachers and students. Companies receiving a lot of visitors on a regular basis will find it beneficial to have easily distinguishable cards for employees and visitors.
  • How will the ID cards be displayed? If your ID cards need to be displayed prominently and must be visible at all times, lanyards are the way to go. For companies that use smart cards, badge holders are ideal. Regardless of usage scenario, there's a customizable solution available for your organization.

These guide questions will help you determine the characteristics of your own ID card program and now that you have the necessary information, you’re now ready to move on to the actual steps of getting your ID card program started.

Step 1: Define your ID card requirements 
This involves doing preliminary research and data gathering using the guide questions listed above.

Step 2: Design your ID system
Based on information gathered in the preceding step, this stage involves selecting appropriate resources like ID card printers, encoders, software, supplies, as well as selecting and training the right people to implement it.

Step 3: Implement your ID card program
Once the system is in place, you can begin production of your ID cards and issue the same to appropriate parties.

For assistance in starting your organization's ID card program, talk to our ID card experts at 1-800-667-1772. You may also reach our experienced staff via email.

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