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When is the Best Time to Upgrade or Replace ID Badges?
When is the Best Time to Upgrade or Replace ID Badges?

Businesses, universities, healthcare facilities and other organizations are increasingly concerned about security breaches, and rightly so, given today’s volatile security climate and competitive business conditions.

Having a well-executed ID card program is one of the most cost-effective ways to demonstrate to your clients, shareholders and the public that your organization takes security very seriously.

But for many decision-makers, they look at ID card programs as a one-time security investment that they can just set and forget. However, security is an aspect of doing business that must also evolve as your company grows.

Your ID cards from a decade ago may no longer be able to fully meet your company’s security needs now. But when exactly is the best time to upgrade or replace ID cards? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine whether you should keep your existing ID cards or switch to new ones.

Have you relocated your business to a new address or building?

If you moved to a new location or even transferred to a different floor in the same building, it is wise to replace all company badges, especially if your ID cards have your old company address printed on them. Also, with the hustle and bustle of moving equipment and personnel to a new site, it is easy to damage or lose some important stuff like your ID cards. This is also a good opportunity to add extra functionality such as access control to your ID badges.

Did a security breach occur in your facility recently?

Any time you experience a breach in security, it’s a good idea to review, revise and upgrade your existing security program. This includes protocols and procedures as well as equipment and supplies.

Do you keep on replacing damaged cards?

If your ID badges are easily worn out, you probably need to use better materials for your ID cards like plastic cards instead of laminated paper cards. In addition to being more durable, some plastic cards include advanced technology like magnetic stripes and smart chips, which allow you to expand the functionality of your ID badges.

Are your ID cards older than a first grader?

As new security issues arise, new innovations are introduced to mitigate or eliminate them. If you haven’t upgraded or changed your ID cards’ security features for years, there is a good chance that your ID cards may already be compromised either because they are malfunctioning or are obsolete for today’s security threats. A good rule of thumb is to upgrade ID badges at least every 7 years. While replacing obsolete badges costs money, the security benefits they bring more than justify the investment.

If you answered yes to any of the questions posed above, then you are definitely due for an ID card upgrade.

Call our ID experts at 1-800-667-1772 today for expert assistance in finding the best solution for your badging needs. You can also reach us using this contact page.

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