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Why Customize Badge Reels?

Custom badge reels are cheap even for low volume orders and they are an excellent way of showcasing a logo.


Badge reels are very popular because they make life easy for those that need to access their ID card or access control card frequently. Many people prefer them to lanyards because it looks more stylish to wear an ID card attached to your belt rather then having it hung around your neck.

Your logo or other message can be custom printed unto the reel and these given to employees, customers, prospects, in fact to anyone that you want to keep your name in front of. Because badge reels are so useful, and often difficult to find, people appreciate getting them and value them. Badge reels have much longer use then do give away pens or mugs.

There are different price points to fit your budget. Customization options allow you to choose your clip style, shape, shade, and finish. You can have your selected graphics and text applied in the colors of your choice. Employees representing your company in public at trade shows and exhibitions can not only give away hundreds of badge reels to prospects, but can also present a uniform and professional appearance to clients by displaying the company logo in this way.

Custom badge reels are economical even in low volumes. They display your logo clearly. Nobody will refuse a badge reel as an inappropriate gift.

If you have a specific message to deliver, you can also design custom badge reels which carry that idea to the public. From urging people to recycle to helping collect funds for charity (United Way, Salvation Army, Support our Troops).

For more information about Custom badge reels contact our experienced sales team.

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