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Why Customize Lanyards?

Custom Wholesale Lanyards

Custom-printed lanyards provide several benefits. A few examples include encouraging team spirit, raising awareness for a good cause, or helping staff keep track of kids on a field trip.

Custom printed lanyards are an effective way to feature your company logo. Lanyards make popular giveaways at trade shows. Employees like them because it saves their clothes from pins and makes wearing a badge, pen, or anything else that is quickly needed easy and handy. In situations where first impressions are important, it is easy and practical to set your employees or members apart by giving them quality custom lanyards to display their ID. Custom printed lanyards encourage team spirit, raise awareness for a good cause, or help staff keep track of kids on a field trip.

Creating an order for a custom printed lanyard with your favorite accessory is simple and fun. Call us or use our online form that guides you through each step.

First, decide how many you and how much you want to invest in a lanyard program. There is a lanyard for every budget. You get what you pay for in lanyards just like with everything else. You can buy a Porsche or a Volkswagen or a lanyard in between. You have the option of selecting 1, 2, or more printing colors. Imprinting can be done by either silk screening or dye sublimation. Silk screening is a vibrant, eye catching option that is best for lanyards that will not be used on a daily basis or be tossed in the washer. In contrast, dye sublimation uses a chemical process to bond dye to the lanyard fabric so it will never flake or rub off over time. Dye sublimation usually shows up best against light backgrounds. For a very crisp, classy look you can choose to have your logo and design woven into the lanyard fabric.

Next it is time to pick out your material color and printing color. Black fabric with red printing? White fabric with blue printing? There are lots of choices. Use your company colors as much as you can. Decide if you want a “break away” feature. This is a safety item developed to protect the wearer from being grabbed by the lanyard. Add the specific hardware that you want on the end: badge clips, swivel hooks, key rings or badge reels. Finish up with details including one sided or two sided printing, the wording of your text, and your own graphics. You can choose your text size and font and upload art at this time.

For advice and personal service call one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Reps 1-800-667-1772 during business hours, Los Angeles time. Ordering online, a review screen allows you to view, change and approve all your options before confirming an order. Going back and making any desired changes is simple. Even with all the varieties to choose from the entire process doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes. Knowledgeable, personal help is available if you aren’t sure what options are right for your application. Within a few short days after copy approval, you will be receiving your order.

For more information about Custom printed lanyards contact our experienced sales team.

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