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Why Purchase an ID Card Printer?

In this article, we list down the benefits of owning an ID card printer.

The advantages of buying your own ID card printer fall into three basic categories: Control, Convenience and possible Cost Savings.


Buying and operating your own card printing equipment can give you peace of mind. You can be in complete control of all aspects of the card creation and distribution process from start to finish. No outside third parties touch your data, card stock and printing equipment.

The ease of card production allows you to control day-to-day access throughout your facilities in a variety of ways. You can issue different styles of cards to clearly mark who is a visitor or a contractor rather than an employee. This makes it easy to tell if someone is wandering in a restricted area where they shouldn’t be. Some cards can be immediately programmed by a printer that is equipped with an encoding system. This allows you to restrict access even more easily by making it physically impossible to enter sensitive areas without swiping a card that has the appropriate level of clearance. Being able to program and/or reprogram these cards on a daily basis means you can adapt to any security challenge as soon as it arises.


The basic features on ID card printers are easy to use and initial training is simple. After delivery, there is no reason your printer can’t be set up and put into service right away. As you become familiar with the more complex features you can always experiment with new ideas. You can change the design on your cards to reflect a new logo, different text/photo sizes, or just because you want to try different looks to maximize your company’s advertising potential. Most ongoing maintenance (like printhead cleaning) is simple and can be performed by you. Service technicians and software specialists are also available to assist you after you purchase a machine so you don’t have to be intimidated by even the most advanced equipment.

Custom print jobs for one-time events can, of course, be sent out for custom printing off site if you need extra help with design layout and special features. However, for day-to-day use it is absolutely in your best interest to have your own printer on the premises. This allows you to print cards on the spot for new employees and to replace lost or damaged cards with no delay. If you are using the printer in a retail environment, you can also create customer reward cards on the spot. Handing a card across the counter at the point of sale rather than mailing it later will ensure it ends up in a person’s billfold and put to use rather than being accidentally thrown out as junk mail.

Potential Cost Savings From Increased Security and Reduced Liability

The real savings come from increased security and reduced legal liability. The fact that you are deterring thieves from pretending to be employees is hard to put a specific dollar value on. Legal retainers are usually much larger when you are sued for negligence than the cost of a high end ID Card issuance system.

While insurance policies often cover losses, just file a claim and watch the cost of your premium rise. Also the time and hassle to collect are often more then the cost of a card system.

When issued a custom badge customers and visitors are impressed that you are careful and organized and this can generate good will and extra business. Safety and security should be looked on as a low cost investment rather then an expense.

You can incorporate the job of running the card printer into an existing employee’s duties. This way you won’t be paying someone outside the company extra to print cards for you and everything stays in-house.

For more information about choosing your ID card printer, contact our experienced sales team.

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