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Why Should an ID Expire?

In institutions that tend to see a lot of visitors on an everyday basis, the issue of having a reliable, and more importantly, affordable visitor management system, is often a major concern. Ensuring security with a large volume of visitors and still being able to work around a manageable budget for it, however, is no simple task.

This is why IDs that have a limited period of validity were developed. In many cases, not only are they much more affordable to maintain, these IDs also happen to be easier to keep track of for the existing security system.

Increased security

IDs that have a very limited validity period also adds to the security of a facility. Having an ID that expires after several hours is perhaps the most polite way of stressing to visitors that overstaying is not encouraged. On top of this, it is easier to keep track of visitors who need to stay beyond the usual allowed time period as they must check in with security to receive a new validated expiring ID badge.

An Expiring ID badge is a definite added security measure to ID systems.

Cost effective solution

Used mainly as a means for access, an ID badge with an expiring duration may prove to more cost effective than having to electronically print out new ones for every single guest that come in everyday. Since these guests do log in before they receive their ID badge, identity verification can still be done, even if the issued ID cards are mostly seen as "disposable", compared to the permanent IDs used by employees.

Flexible features

ID badges with expiration can also be used in instances where specific task or designation markers are needed, as when there are volunteers for an event, a temporary personnel needed to fill in for someone, or even a contractor who only needs to be on-site for limited duration.

Have you heard of the added security features of expiring ID badges? Call 1-800-667-1772 now to talk to one of our professionals, or if you prefer, you may also reach us via e-mail.

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