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Why Use Badge Reels?

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Badge reels are an excellent way of ensuring employees use their ID cards. They are a good alternative to lanyards as well, specially in areas where lanyards pose a risk.


Your company will benefit from issuing badge reels to employees and contractors. Employees will be less likely to forget their ID cards. The cards will last much longer because they are not in a wallet or purse where they rub against other cards. Employees appreciate employers who make life a little easier. Giving away custom printed badge reels with your logo is an effective way to keep your name in front of people that matter to you. Security is increased because cards are less likely to be lost and misused because the badge reel secures the card to the person.

Badge reels are the ultimate easy access tool for carrying and swiping ID cards. They are designed to keep cards within reach yet out of the way so they don’t interfere with your work. You always know right where the badge is so you don’t have to dig through your pockets or wallet for it. A badge reel allows you to display your credentials safely at all times. This is true even if you work in an environment where lanyards or chains may get tangled in machinery, since a badge reel is very compact. Many reels are dual purpose and can also hold keys as well as ID cards. These badge reels are favourite choice for people who have jobs that require access to many different locations or who want to carry a gym membership card and locker key on the same device.

The danger of losing cards is minimized when employees use a badge reel. They can be clipped directly to a belt with a flat clip or through a belt loop using a carabineer (metal loop or hook) style clip. Both varieties keep items securely in place. Alligator clips are available on models such as the swivel reel. Some reel styles come pre-assembled with a badge loop already attached making it easy to slip a card on and go. The spring loaded nylon cord found in all models is sturdy and resistant to breakage.

Badge reels are a wonderful choice for ID card accessorizing because they are fun to use. This is why transparent styles are available that reveal the inner workings of the mechanism. You can watch the cord inside these well made little tools zip back into place with a satisfying snap. There is an added benefit to selecting specialty badge reels for sports activities. These are water resistant and feature plastic hooks that attach the reel to your clothing. This eliminates the risk of injury from a metal clip if you wipe out while water skiing or surfing.

For more information about choosing your badge reels contact our experienced sales team.
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