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Why Use Lanyards?


Lanyards make it convenient for employees and visitors alike to comply with company policies mandating the wearing of ID at all times.


Everyone knows that slipping a lanyard over your head is the easiest way to put on an ID first thing in the morning before you have had your caffeine. You don’t have to decide where the badge should clip on to your outfit or worry that your sweater will unravel from a snag. Lanyards are a reliable choice for displaying name badges and security credentials at any organization and for every occasion.

Lanyards are also simple to take off (no pins to undo), but for things like access swiping this isn’t even necessary. The lanyard is long enough to reach a standard doorframe mounted card reader effortlessly. They are the obvious choice for use with the contactless RFID cards since they can just be lifted away from your chest for a quick wave in front of the sensor. Some people like to loop a lanyard around their wrist as another method of making sure their card is available at all times, but a wrist coil is a better choice because the wrist coil is especially made for carrying a badge on your wrist.

Lanyards make it convenient for employees and visitors alike to comply with company policies mandating the wearing of ID at all times. Customers can see the name of the person they are dealing with and can interact better. People in fast paced environments can avoid the embarrassment of having to fumble for a name during a personal interaction. Instead they can just read the name. This fosters a sense of friendly but respectful familiarity in the workplace. Color-coded lanyards can be issued to different departments for easy recognition and added security in larger facilities.


Custom Neck Lanyards

Lanyards can be used to boost workplace safety and morale by keeping the bad guy out and giving a sense that everyone you are dealing with belongs there. Antimicrobial lanyards are made from materials embedded with a biocide (usually a powdered silver compound) that is deadly to germs and mold but proven safe for humans. These are ideal for use in hospitals and food processing facilities. Morale is improved when lanyards supporting company-sponsored charities are imprinted on the lanyard.

Your company can also create “Department of the Month” lanyards as part of a larger incentive program. These can be distributed to employees in departments that show outstanding performance in reducing workplace accidents, increasing sales, or excelling in customer retention. ID badge lanyards with an attached ID card can be used as part of a workplace evacuation plan if they are signed in and out by staff each day. You can track who is in and who is not in the building in case of an emergency.

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