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Your Second Line of Defense Begins with Data Collection Systems

Topaz SignatureGem LCD 4x3 Signature Capture Pad

Data Collection devices provide another level of security to prevent critical human error. 

As technology advances, it becomes easier and cheaper for people to forge credentials, but data collection devices help prevent this fraud. If you print or use photo badges or ID cards, magnetic strip readers provide an additional form of authentication that is virtually impossible to forge or tamper with. In order to validate the authenticity of a visitor, staff, or employee badge, the data about that person is encoded onto the ID card using the magnetic strip. When they enter your facility, which require them to scan their ID card, a magnetic strip reader will validate that the card is genuine and not a clever fake. 

Magnetic ID card stripe readers, as well as card writers which can embed information onto the magnetic stripe are widely available. These devices are an inexpensive second line of defense that should be used whenever possible.  Once created, the ID cards can be read by either a magnetic strip reader or by using the same reader/writer that created the card. Easy-to-use software connects the magnetic strip reader to your ID card database and provides instant verification. 

Another great option is digital signature verification using signature capture pads. These are commonly found in point of sale systems, but their uses for identity management in non-retail environments are numerous.

Access control is based on the verification of a security badge, along with a matching signature that must match the signature put on file at the time the security badge was created. Other secondary verification measures, such as PIN numbers, can easily be forgotten or compromised. But a signature is unique - it is never lost or stolen and is a socially accepted method of verifying identity.

Make your identity verification as secure as possible with these cost-effective solutions. These systems are easy to integrate and come with simple, user-friendly software. 

ID Superstore offers a complete line of data collection tools and products to help you create and manage your identity verification systems. Call our ID experts at 1-800-667-1772 to find out which products are best for your facility. You can also inquire via e-mail.

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